The 5 Autumn/ Winter 2021 Bag Trends 網誌
The 5 Autumn/ Winter 2021 Bag Trends
June 2021 Cammy Lee 手袋知識

Undeniably, the handbag was on hiatus for much of 2020 and was forced into early retirement - or at least, a sabbatical. It sat at the back of the wardrobe as we worked from home as a result of the global pandemic. No one needs a bag to ferry their lip balm from the kitchen to the kettle! However, we love how it’s back with a vengeance for Fall. A healthy Q1 leather goods revenue points to a positive outlook of the bag/ fashion industry. The Autumn/ Winter 2021 bag trends are ready to dutifully house your bobby pins alongside a crushed bag of healthy snacks, your face mask, tissues, cards, and a lavender-scented, organic hand sanitizer. 

Whether you are going for a super maxi tote or opting for a teeny tiny top-handle bag, you're ready to mingle and take on the world. Read below for your FW21 bag trend inspiration.


 The capacious Business Tote is roomy enough to house a yoga kit, a change of shoes, water bottles, multiple face masks, and sanitizers. This bag is a carry-it-all for those who live in the area where everyone's work resumes to the office while the situation is calmer down.


 A bag with a chain strap, a non-mover at the top of the handbag charts is on-trend right now. The chain-handled purse secured its position for autumn. Think cartoonish chain in contrasting materials, or simple gold-tone chain, these are the elements for your fall-winter wardrobe.


Multiple and detachable pockets, water bottle compartments, handy dandy lipstick pouches- FW2021 multi-tasking receptacles are ready for any stage. Sling them around your hips, or toss them across your body, these little accessories are ready to take over the fall Instagram feed.


The wait is over, let the party begin! We've been already experiencing a pandemic for almost 2 years, it's normal that we're looking forward to some parties. And the must-have for the party? The Bling Party Bag. The dazzling and sparkling elements are no doubt the trend for FW21, especially for the Thanksgiving and Christmas parties.

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