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New Year Cleansing Ideas
January 2022 Cammy Lee 時尚品味

Each new year is a fresh new start for us to welcome new patterns and habits. We tend to set new year resolutions to remind ourselves to strive to become better and better each year. How you start the year helps set the tone for the rest of the year - this is why taking advantage of some New Year Cleansing in your life can help you pick up where you left off. It might sound daunting at first, but once you get started with organizing and decluttering different areas of your life, you'll start to feel lighter and happier, and you’ll be glad that you've made the right move. Check below some New Year Cleansing Ideas for your inspiration. 

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  1. Wardrobe Revamp

Off-season clothes? Unfitting jeans? That is so last year. Going through and getting rid of clothes you no longer wear is refreshing. You can separate the clothes into piles like " Yes", "No" and "Maybe", once the clothes are separated, evaluate your “Maybe" pile, look at the clothes and ask yourself does these sparks joy? If not, it's better to donate it or discard it.

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  1. Space Declutter

Take a moment to go through your home and get rid of anything that you no longer need or that is taking up space. Throw away empty boxes, old magazines or electric appliances that are no longer working. It may take more than one day to do a full general declutter; be sure you schedule some time for it. With this home cleaning, you can create more space for yourself which will also help you feel refreshed.

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  1. Digital Declutter

Not only does your living space need a cleanse, the phone and computer that you're using every day also need a clean-up. Go through your phone and computer, delete the images, videos, messages and files that are no longer useful. Remove apps that you no longer use, and create folders to organize what you have.

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  1. Food Cleanse

Whether you're considering doing a dry January or not, a proper food cleanse can help you jump-start the new year with a fresh body. After the holiday season and after eating all those Christmas goodies, it's good to switch our diet to a healthier one; or, you could even consider a 3-day or 5-day juice cleanse, to have a full detox.


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