5 Life-Changing Ways to Organize Your Purses 網誌
5 Life-Changing Ways to Organize Your Purses
August 2020 Yick Fung 手袋知識

Handy organizing tips to make you feel lighter – both mentally & physically 

The experience of buying a handbag is second only to the handbag itself. The joy of sifting through your closet to match your current clothes to a new handbag is another level. Whether it’s a designer handbag, or a purse from the flea market, they both deserve the same respect and care.

You may not believe it but part of the overall care you can show for your handbag starts with organization. Read the below tips to help you organize your handbags. We promise you that you will soon feel generally lighter, both mentally and physically! It’s amazing what a well-organized handbag can do. 


  1. Weight-off your shoulder

Your bag should weigh less than three pounds and should be worn on alternate shoulders during the day, according to the American Chiropractic Association. An overloaded bag can also ruin the line of a bag and can stretch its materials. To lighten your load (and spend less time searching for things), it's better to clear your handbag daily. Take everything in your bag out and go through them, separating the items into essentials and non-essential. By sorting out the contents of your bag every day, you get rid of all the rubbish and instantly lighten your load. This seemingly small act can also help you organize your thoughts as you clear through your belongings. 

  1. Keep vs. Toss

Toss the heavy metal. Empty coins weekly into a transplant jar and convert them into the bill at your grocery store or for your daily coffee. You'll be surprised at how much extra cash you had stashed and how much lighter your purse becomes.

Manage receipts, coupons, and other wadded messes by designating a spot like a mini accordion organizer for stashing them until you're ready to deal with them. For makeup products, opt for travel-size products, or decant your favorite lotion or hairspray into travel containers.

  1. Divide and conquer

Most purses come with a few built-in pockets. But for small things that you want to corral, like cosmetics and feminine products, zipper pouches or drawstring bags are the answer. Mesh bags in bright colors or patterns that match your aesthetic will be that much easier to see and locate in your purse. 

  1. Carrying what you really need

In this day and age, a schedule book might not be the most convenient answer. Instead, opt to make full use of your phone's calendar app and note app. Store those comfy flats in your car or office instead of carrying them around. Are you sure you really need your tablet? Your phone may be more than up for the job. Make sure you are carrying what you really need. Be selective! 

  1. Rotate Your Handbag

Don't use one bag to death then bin it - build up a collection and switch between them regularly. This is also a fun way to match different accessories to different outfits and moods! Also, buy bags with alternative strap options, such as bags with handles for your hand and straps for cross-body wearing. 

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