5 Types of Year-End Questions You Can Ask Yourself 網誌
5 Types of Year-End Questions You Can Ask Yourself
December 2021 Cammy Lee 時尚品味

Can you believe 2022 is just around the corner? Wow, what a journey, right? With each passing year, we expect to experience different things and expect growth in various aspects. It's good to self-reflect at the end of each year to increase the awareness of what these 12 months have brought and taught us. We should review some of the big wins and lessons, as well as be mindful to not repeat the patterns and habits that we don't want. We should also dig deep to find something that we want to change for the future from the inside out. And finally, to gather these feelings and experiences and to step into 2022 with a fresh and positive mind. Below are the questions you can ask yourself while completing your year-end reflections. Read along in our blog and check your annual progress! 


You can break the questions into a few types, for example, Satisfaction in life, Career, Education, Overall Well-being, Friendship & Relationship.

 A) Satisfaction in life - Year End Reflection

  1. Overall, how did you grow this year?
  2. What was the highest high and the lowest low of the year?
  3. Describe what you learned from your hardest challenge of the year.
  4. What did you learn from your biggest win of the year?
  5. What’s the thing you’re most grateful for?
  6. What did you waste your time on the most?
  7. In what ways were you most overwhelmed this year?
  8. Which bad habits would you like to let go of?
  9. Which good habits would you like to perform regularly?

 B) Career - Year End Reflection

  1. Describe a significant event that occurred this year. Why was this significant to you?
  2. What was the biggest achievement you have had this year.?
  3. What new skills did you develop over this year.? What led to your development of those skills?
  4. What projects did you work on— as part of a team with others or individually? What impact did you have on those projects? What were the outcomes/results?
  5. Who were some new people you met? Did you connect with those individuals on LinkedIn? Academia? Research Gate?

  C) Education - Year End Reflection

  1. What new skills did you learn this year?
  2. What are you planning to learn next?
  3. What courses did you enrol in during this year?
  4. What professional certificate did you get this year?

 D) Overall Wellbeing - Year End Reflection

  1. How much time did you spend on self-care this year?
  2. On average, how was your sleep?
  3. How much "alone time" did you spend with yourself?
  4. Do your daily, weekly, or monthly habits align with your goals?
  5. Which month did you feel the best? Why?
  6. Which month did you feel the worst? Why?
  7. Describe a time you stood up for yourself.
  8. How did you grow emotionally this year?

 E) Friendship & Relationship - Year End Reflection

  1. Describe how your love life or a romantic relationship went?
  2. Did you spend quality time with your loved one?
  3. Do you feel connected with your friends?
  4. What was your best or most fun memory with friends of the year?
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