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The Must-have Handbag According to Your Zodiac Sign
January 2022 Cammy Lee Handbag Knowledge

And it's just like that, we're fully embracing 2022. At this time of the year, many of us are probably doing some sort of re-evaluation and reinventing ourselves. It might be related to your fitness goals, career plans, diet changes, relationship with others and so on. You got motivated by the "new year, a new beginning" vibes, and yes, that's the right direction to head in. 

Perhaps, it's also the time for a wardrobe upgrade! After the past two years of home office and casual dressing, we felt the urge of dressing up a bit more. Why not begin the wardrobe revamp with your next handbag purchase? And why not shop based on your Zodiac Sign's lucky color?

Turning to astrology for relationship or career guidance is nothing new, but when it comes to buying a handbag, how can we associate it to our astrological signs?  The thing is, a handbag is an accessory that you carry around and it says a lot about your personality. Spice up your handbag collection with your Zodiac Sign's 2022 lucky color and we’re sure you will never go wrong!

Aquarius' 2022 Lucky Color: Pumpkin Orange, Pearl White

For the fun and outgoing Aquarius, a Pumpkin orange handbag can get you motivated and boost your confidence. Soft colors like Pearl White creates a calming effect.

Pisces' 2022 Lucky Color: Lake Green, Silver Grey

Pisces are expecting a booming career in 2022, so carry a Lake Green or Silver Grey handbag to amplify your workability and success.

Aries' 2022 Lucky Color: Black, Dark Blue

Aries might want to experience a romantic relationship in the coming year. A darker hue handbag can help you stay calm and sane while in the dating arena.

Taurus' 2022 Lucky Color: Sunshine Yellow, Pink

Taurus might need to be extra patient with a new project starting in 2022. Bright colors such as Sunshine Yellow, and Pink can uplift your mood and can help you stay in the right lane.

Gemini's 2022 Lucky Color: Lavender Purple, Royal Blue

Gemini is sociable and easy-going; Lavender Purple and Royal Blue colored handbags can help Geminis get the attention of the right group of people.

Cancer's 2022 Lucky Color: Black, Dark Green

Best known for being family-oriented, Cancer is expecting a lot of chances to meet new people. A Black or Dark Green handbag will never lead you astray in helping you to make a nice first impression.

Leo's 2022 Lucky Color: Bright Yellow, Red

Bright Yellow or Red handbags could help Leo shine as if they are on stage. Remember to match the handbag with a subtle colored outfit to create a harmonious look.

Virgo's 2022 Lucky Color: Grass Green, Coral Orange

The focus of 2022 for Virgo is finding a balance between work and life. Brilliant Grass Green and Coral Orange are your lucky colors this year.

Libra's 2022 Lucky Color: Avocado Green, Melon Orange

For Libra, 2022 seems to be sweet in general for you. Healing colors such as Avocado Green, and uplifting colors such as Melon Orange are your everyday must-haves.

Scorpio's 2022 Lucky Color: Beige, Soft Yellow

It might be one of the romantic years for Scorpio, soft and gentle colors like beige and light yellow can amplify your feminine side.

Sagittarius's 2022 Lucky Color: Milk Tea Brown, White

Subtle and low-profile colors such as Milk Tea Brown and White can help you remain rational and calm while facing all the opportunities in the new year.

Capricorn's 2022 Lucky Color: Space Silver, Lemon Yellow

Seize every opportunity! 2022 will be a victory year for you. Eye-catching Space Silver and Lemon-Yellow Handbag can help make you someone who cannot be ignored.
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