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Fashionable Halloween Costumes Ideas
October 2021 Cammy Lee Lifestyle

Halloween is just around the corner! Have you sorted out your costumes yet? There is no better time to show off your authentic and iconic style without being told that you're "too much" or "overdressed". It's almost like a Met Gala for an ordinary person. Read along to find out Fashionable Halloween Costumes Ideas ranging from Squid Game Players to Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. We guarantee some inspiration for sure! 


  1. Squid Games Players

The most watched and discussed show in Netflix's history, we expect "Squid Game" Players to be everywhere on October 31st. You can get the look-a-like costumes easily on Amazon. Or, if you want to look a bit fancier, look into Bottega Veneta; they have a green jacket that looks like the players' outfit on the show. Of course, you will also need a white van to top-off such an awesome look!

  1. The Great Gatsby

The 1920s – an iconic and glamorous era. Why not enjoy a blast from the past and be Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby for the night? A sparkling cocktail dress with a feather headband or perfect cut tailor suit would fit the theme perfectly.  

  1. Kim the Mystery Woman

The world was (and still is!) shocked and stunned by Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala outfit this year. She showed up fully covered in black from head to toe, leaving a mystery mark in Met Gala history. To spice it up, you can pair the head-to-toe black outfit with a shocking yellow or red mini bag.

  1. Gossip School Girls

The legendary TV show Gossip Girl has made a comeback with a new cast. But, that hasn’t stopped the usual drama debacles from happening on the upper east side. Think oversized button-downs layered over micro-mini skirts with white knee-high boots. The looks are still preppy but have a modern vibe to them.


  1. Cruella

You'll surely be making an outstanding entrance when dressed as Cruella de Vil. Black and White hair, smoky eyes, red lips, and your favorite leather jacket would be the best fit for the theme.

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